A commencement address

Bush and Bill Clinton spoke A commencement speech or commencement address is a speech given to graduating students, generally at a universitygenerally in the United Statesalthough the term is also used for secondary education institutions. The "commencement" is a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred upon graduating students.

A commencement address

In Marchthe U. What a privilege to be with you all. Nobody owned a home computer, and hardly anyone had a television set. And those who did, there was a choice of three channels.

Men of Dartmouth give a rouse. During my first year here, I lived right over there at Middle Mass.

PCOM Commencement Address - Dr. Judith Beck | Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

And I had two roommates. I had a professor, over there, who did his best to scare everyone in his class, and he gave me the lowest grade that I ever had in any school anywhere.

But I also had an astronomy professor, George Dimitrov, who looked for and found what was best in each of his students. When I look at the night sky, I still think of that extra special, kind man.

And I congratulate every one of you who is being honored in any way during this Commencement weekend. Our world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a part of that jewel. A facet of that jewel. And in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal.

We are intimately related. May we never even pretend that we are not. Have you heard my favorite story that came from the Seattle Special Olympics? Well, for the yard dash, there were nine contestants, all of them so-called physically or mentally disabled.

All nine of them assembled at the starting line, and at the sound of the gun, they took off. But not long afterward, one little boy stumbled and fell, and hurt his knee and began to cry. The other eight children heard him crying.

They slowed down, turned around, and ran back to him. Every one of them ran back to him. They all finished the race at the same time. And when they did, everyone in that stadium stood up, and clapped, and whistled, and cheered for a long, long time.

People who were there are still telling this story with great delight. And you know why. Because deep down, we know that what matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves.

What really matters is helping others win, too. Even if it means slowing down and changing our course now and then. Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius—what a name—was the last of the great Roman philosophers, and the first of the scholastics of the Middle Ages.

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The master teacher was Yo-Yo Ma. His music comes from a very deep place within his being. Nevertheless, he meant that also for everyone in the class.

Nobody else can make the sound you make. Nobody else can choose to make that particular sound in that particular way.

What choices lead to ethnic cleansing? What choices lead to healing?

A commencement address

What choices lead to the destruction of the environment, the erosion of the Sabbath, suicide bombings, or teenagers shooting teachers. What choices encourage heroism in the midst of chaos? I have a lot of framed things in my office, which people have given to me through the years. And on my walls are Greek, and Hebrew, and Russian, and Chinese.

Well, what is essential about you? And who are those who have helped you become the person you are?Commencement is a special time for the university community. Whether a student, faculty member, family member or friend, graduation is an important event that marks a momentous occasion in the lives of our graduates and the entire university community.

Commencement Speeches The commencement ceremony affirms each student’s search for knowledge. It often includes a speech that seeks to put their recent hard (or not so hard) work into the context of their future. Jun 15,  · Help us caption and translate this video on urbanagricultureinitiative.com: urbanagricultureinitiative.com Oprah Winfrey, global media leader and philanthropist, spoke to the Class of.

The th All-University Commencement Exercises will take place in New York at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, May 22, Commencement ceremonies will also take place in May at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai, with individual school convocations occurring throughout New York City.

Solzhenitsyn's warning of Western decline is as relevant today as it was twenty-five years ago. I am sincerely happy to be here with you on the occasion of the th commencement of this old and illustrious university.

My congratulations and best wishes to all of today's graduates. The following was delivered as the commencement address at U.C.L.A. Medical School on Friday, June 1st. I want to start with a story. One night, on my surgery rotation, during my third year of.

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