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America essay female gang girl in

Feminist art movement and Feminist art movement in the United States Historically speaking, female artists, when they existed, have largely faded into obscurity: In addition women were rarely allowed entry into schools of art, and almost never allowed into live nude drawings classes for fear of impropriety.

Feminist art can be contentious to define as it holds different personal and political elements, different to each individual. Is all art made by a feminist then feminist art?

Can art that is not made by a feminist be feminist art? Lippard stated in that feminist art was "neither a style nor a movement but instead a value system, a revolutionary strategy, a way of life.

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By critiquing institutions that promote sexism and racism students, people of color, and women were able to identify and attempt to fix inequity. Women artists used their artwork, protests, collectives, and women's art registries to shed light on inequities in the art-world.

Women were more often the subjects of art, rather than artists themselves. Historically, the female body was regarded as an object of desire existing for the pleasure of men. In the early 20th century, works that flaunted female sexuality — the pin-up girl being a prime example — began to be produced.

By the late s there was a plethora of feminine artwork that broke away from the tradition of depicting women in an America essay female gang girl in sexualized fashion.

In order to gain recognition, many female artists struggled to "de-gender" their work in order to compete in a dominantly male art world. If a work did not "look" like it was made by a woman, then the stigma associated with women would not cling to the work itself, thus giving the work its own integrity.

In Yayoi Kusama created Oven-Pan — part of a larger collection of works she referred to as the aggregation sculptures. As with other works from that collection, Oven-Pan takes an object associated with women's work — in this case a metal pan — and completely covers it with bulbous lumps of the same material.

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This is an early feminist example of female artists finding ways to break from the traditional role of women in society. Having the lumps made from the same color and material as the metal pan completely takes away the pan's functionality, and — in a metaphorical sense — its association with women.

Before this era, common female work consisted of pretty and decorative things like landscapes and quilts, whereas more contemporary artwork by women was becoming bold or even rebellious. It was also suggested[ according to whom?

During this time there was a rebirth of various media that had been placed at the bottom of the aesthetic hierarchy by art history, such as quilting. Where once the female body was seen as an object for the male gaze, it then became regarded as a weapon against socially constructed ideologies of gender.

With Yoko Ono 's work, Cut Pieceperformance art began to gain popularity in feminist artwork as a form of critical analysis on societal values on gender.

In this work, Yoko Ono is seen kneeling on the ground with a pair of scissors in front of her. One by one, she invited the audience to cut a piece of her clothing off until she was eventually left kneeling in the tattered remains of her clothing and her underwear.

This intimate relationship created between the subject Ono and the audience addressed the notion of gender in the sense that Ono has become the sexual object.

By remaining motionless as more and more pieces of her clothing are cut away, she reveals a woman's social standing where she is regarded as an object as the audience escalates to the point where her bra is being cut away.

The aim was for women to reach a state of equilibrium with their male counterparts. Judy Chicago's work, The Dinner Partyemphasizes this idea of a newfound female empowerment through the use of turning a dinner table — an association to the traditional female role — into an equilateral triangle.

Each side has an equal number of plate settings dedicated to a specific woman in history. Each plate contains a dish. This served as a way of breaking the idea of women being subjugated by society. Looking at the historical context, the s and s served as a prominent era where women began to celebrate new forms of freedom.

More women joining the work force, legalization of birth control, fight towards equal pay, civil rights, and the Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion, were reflected in artwork. Such freedoms, however, were not limited to politics. In order to reach that level, access to nude models was required.

While male artists were given this privilege, it was considered improper for a woman to see a naked body. As a result, women were forced to focus their attention to the less professionally acclaimed "decorative" art.

With the s, however, the fight towards equality extended to the arts. Eventually more and more women began to enroll in art academies.

For most of these artists, the goal was not to paint like the traditional male masters, but instead to learn their techniques and manipulate them in a way that challenged traditional views of women. It was used, in many ways, to show the "real" woman. For instance, in Judith Black took a self-portrait depicting her body in such a light.George Orwell once said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Applying it for our purposes leads to the following: in a time where anti-America agendas are wrecking the country, ideas or individuals who are consistently attacked must therefore lead to a stronger America.

America essay female gang girl in

Feminist art is a category of art associated with the late s and s feminist urbanagricultureinitiative.comst art highlights the societal and political differences women . Girl Gangs and the Female Crime Wave in America Essay Words | 28 Pages Starting in the s, reports of female involvement in gangs, drug sales, and violence began to surface as a serious problem in America.

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