An analysis of the american political scandal of 1985 and 1986 on the iran contra affair

Bush presidency, who had been vice-president at the time. Direct funding of the Nicaraguan rebels had been made illegal through the Boland Amendment. The Contras did not receive all of their finances from arms sales, but also through drug trafficking.

An analysis of the american political scandal of 1985 and 1986 on the iran contra affair

Visit Website Still, the president instructed his National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, to find a way to assist the drug-dealing Contras, regardless of the cost—political or otherwise.

Iran-Contra scandal unravels - HISTORY

At the same time, Iranian-backed terrorists were holding hostage seven Americans diplomats and private contractors in Lebanon. Reagan delivered another ultimatum to his advisors: Find a way to bring those hostages home.

InMcFarlane sought to do just that. He told Reagan that Iran had approached the United States about purchasing weapons for its war against neighboring Iraq. There was, however, a U. And, as an aside, the arms deal would secure funds that the CIA could secretly funnel to the Contra insurgency in Nicaragua.

Three of the seven hostages in Lebanon were also released, although the Iran-backed terrorist group there later took three more Americans hostage. Reagan initially denied that he had negotiated with Iran or the terrorists, only to retract the statement a week later.

It was then that Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Northof the National Security Council, came forward to acknowledge that he had diverted the missing funds to the Contras in Nicaragua, who used them to acquire weapons.

He assumed Reagan was also aware of his efforts. Tower Commission The American press hounded Reagan over the matter for the rest of his presidency.

During a subsequent Congressional investigation, inprotagonists in the scandal—including Reagan—testified before the commission in hearings that were televised nationally.

Later, Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh launched an eight-year investigation into what by then had become known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

Understanding the Iran-Contra Affairs - The Iran-Contra Affairs

In all, 14 people were charged, including North, Poindexter and McFarlane. McFarlane was charged with four counts of withholding information from Congress, a misdemeanor. North was charged with 12 counts relating to conspiracy and making false statements.

Although he was convicted in his initial trial, the case was dismissed on appeal, due to a technicality, and North has since worked as a conservative author, critic, television host and head of the NRA. Poindexter was initially indicted on seven felonies and ultimately tried on five.

He was found guilty on four of the charges and sentenced to two years in prison, although his convictions were later vacated. In addition, four CIA officers and five government contractors were also prosecuted; although all were found guilty of charges ranging from conspiracy to perjury to fraud, only one—private contractor Thomas Clines—ultimately served time in prison.

Reagan and Iran Contra Despite the fact that Reagan had promised voters he would never negotiate with terrorists—which he or his underlings did while brokering the weapons sales with Iran—the two-term occupant of the White House left office as a popular president.

However, his legacy, at least among his supporters, remains intact—and the Iran-Contra Affair has been relegated to an often-overlooked chapter in U.

Sources The Iran-Contra Affairs. Understanding the Iran-Contra Affairs: Oliver North and the Iran Contra Scandal. The Iran-contra scandal 25 years later.Iran-Contra Affair, s U.S.

political scandal in which the National Security Council (NSC) became involved in secret weapons transactions and other activities that either were prohibited by the U.S. Congress or violated the stated public policy of the government. Assessment Of The Iranian Contra Affair Politics Essay.

Print Reference this. This theory gained little notoriety due to it being relatively unbelievable until the Iran-Contra scandal came to light in After the commanding victory over President Jimmy Carter Reagan is sworn in to office and all 52 hostages are released ending the Learn about the Iran-Contra Affair under President Reagan who secretly supported an anti-Communist group in Nicaragua and funneled weapons to Iranian terrorists in exchange for American hostages.

Iran-Contra was a perfect example of abused power. The Reagan administration had good intentions to stop the communism in Nicaragua, but when Congress shut them down, they should have stopped. The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Elliott Abrams, and CIA officer Alan Fiers -- to ferry supplies to the contras.

(These plans were apparently aborted when the Iran-Contra scandal broke in November ).

An analysis of the american political scandal of 1985 and 1986 on the iran contra affair

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Iran-Contra Affair