Analysis of the intellectual manipulation of ads

The dollar signs start appearing and you realize that there is a huge scope for commercializing your research. But before you can actually collect the rewards, you need to have been thinking tactically about how to protect your intellectual property IP with potential patents. How early you ask?

Analysis of the intellectual manipulation of ads

The terrorist attacks on election candidates in Mastung, Peshawar and Bannu have, on the one hand, undermined hopes of a peaceful poll, and, on the other, have exposed the inability of the security forces to protect candidates, their workers and other citizens.

More important is the fact that on polling day, the candidates, the polling agents, the polling staff and the voters will be under great fear and stress, and that could hamper fair polling. Further, the powers-that-be have resolved not to listen to the public clamour against pre-poll rigging.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is convinced that the election has already been massively manipulated. The Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency found the environment unfavourable to fair polling quite sometime ago.

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According to Gallup, those who think the election will be fair are in a minority. A group of eminent professors, including A. Samad, Pervez Hoodbhoy and Rasul Bakhsh Rais, and author Ahmed Rashid, have protested against electoral manipulation to the Punjab caretaker chief minister and asked him to resign if he cannot set things right.

The president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society has spoken of large-scale manipulation of the electoral process.

The attacks on media freedom are visible to all and sundry. The state sees no evil, hears no evil. The self-evident truth in Pakistan today is that the election has already been manipulated beyond repair. There was a time when the public perception of injustice was considered more important than the factual evidence of injustice, when zaban-i-khalq voice of the people was accepted as naqqara-i-Khuda Divine proclamation.

Now the people are told to bring proof of wrongdoing by parties they seem mortally afraid of naming. The injustices inherent in the patriarchal system have been recognised even though a majority of women of Pakistan are unable to offer evidence before their male tormenters.

The world recognises what are called self-evident truths, and the self-evident truth in Pakistan today is that the election has already been manipulated beyond repair by elements that are apparently more powerful than the ECP.

Secondly, how can the government decline to investigate complaints of electoral manipulation? It has a duty to investigate a crime even if a complainant cannot identify the culprit. If the people are for any reason unable to name a wrongdoer or to furnish evidence, the authorities have a clear duty to probe the causes.

A large number of people still recall the colonial rule as the most benevolent dispensation they ever had.

It was a most corrupt order. There are people who hail Ziaul Haq for his promotion of religiosity and ignore the creation of a parallel judicial system that the judiciary opposed for quite sometime, and give him credit for constitutional changes though they destroyed the democratic spirit of the Constitution.

Analysis of the intellectual manipulation of ads

The most worrisome fact about the state of Pakistan today is that, while addressing individual wrongs, the institutions concerned are transgressing law and propriety. For instance, in the drive to fight individual corruption, the institutions concerned are resorting to measures that cannot be excluded from the category of unfair practices.

Similarly, much wrong is being done under the law made to proceed against terrorists. True, the anti-terrorism courts have convicted a good number of people accused of terrorism but the abuse of the law cannot be denied.


The worst victims of the Anti-Terrorism Act have been factory workers and political dissidents. The Punjab government wanted to haul up more that 17, political activists under the anti-terrorism law.

The chief election commissioner does not like this. But he is as powerless in this matter as the Gilgit-Baltistan administration has been in dropping the ATA charge against the most widely respected lawyer Ehsan Ali, or the popular icon Babajan. The use of ATA against political dissidents amounts to institutional corruption and is worse than any individual wrongdoing.

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But the potential abuse of the law cannot be contested. However, whatever the result, one should like to hope and pray that in the post-election years it will be possible to arrest the drift towards institutional corruption. Published in Dawn, July 19th, accompanied with enthusiasm manipulation, and a neutral script partnered with non-evocative intellectual engagement to overwhelming pathos and ecstasy; and his use of sound evolved from For the whole selection of ads, I then use content analysis to identify broad patterns to assist in a comparative examination of this larger body of.

Ads appeal to our emotions through emotional transfer and are rarely dependent on intellectual analysis. • Special effects bring inanimate things to life and make them exciting. This is especially true with children-targeted ads. • Editing is used to pace and generate excitement.

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Analysis of the Intellectual Manipulation of Ads - Advertising as an influence, both negative and positive, on social constructs of body image has been the subject of debate about the responsibility ads have to their audience.

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