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Theses Reimbursement Students may be entitled to an allowance for reimbursement of thesis production costs. Eligibility Students are eligible where with a thesis allowance entitlement is expressly stated in the conditions of award. The allowance must be claimed within 12 months of submission of the thesis and no more than two 2 years after termination of the scholarship, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.

Anu thesis binding

Even page, top, leftand bottom sides 2cm Has page numbers within the margins. The text of the thesis and any supporting material are either: Fully bound in a single volume with stiff covers and lettered on the spine with the title being followed by the student's initials and surname and year; or In an appropriate temporary binding such as comb bindingthe choice of type and style of binding being a matter for the student though a ring-binder folder will not be accepted.

If this option is chosen, even if no corrections are required, the candidate must provide a Anu thesis binding bound copy of the thesis to the Division of Student Administration for lodgement in the University Library on completion of the examination process.

Thesis by compilation The format of a thesis by compilation is as per the Thesis by Compilation Procedure.

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Thesis in an alternative format A thesis is in an alternative format if it consists of, or includes, video recordings, film or other works of visual or sonic arts, computer software, digital material or other non-written material.

Students intending to submit for examination a thesis in an alternative format obtain approval for the format of the thesis from the Delegated Authority, on the advice of the supervisory panel, at the time of the initial or an annual review of progress.

Thesis by creative works The submission of a thesis by creative works is undertaken as per the Theses by Creative Works guideline. Use of confidential material Use Anu thesis binding confidential information in a thesis is according to the Use of Confidential or Restricted Information Theses procedure.

Anu thesis binding

Four hard copies of the thesis are submitted as well a separate electronic copy of the abstract. One electronic copy is provided for access by appointed examiners and, in cases of questions regarding academic integrity, the relevant Authority under the Academic Misconduct Rules.

Thesis examination Appointment of examiners The Nomination of Examiners form is completed once a student provides a notification of intention to submit but before they submit their thesis.

A student is entitled to suggest potential examiners to their supervisor, and to provide the names of a maximum of two persons that they would prefer not to examine the thesis. A student is not entitled to be informed of whether their suggestions have been followed in the appointment of the examiners.

Supervisors confirm the expected availability of examiners prior to completing the Nomination of Examiners form.

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A minimum of two external expert examiners who have international standing are appointed by the Associate Dean on the recommendation of the Delegated Authority.

Three or more examiners may be appointed to provide the necessary breadth of expertise for the research topic. Examiners are of international standing in a discipline relevant to the thesis research with some experience in examining theses.

International standing may be demonstrated through a number of means including but not limited to: Publication record; Contribution to the field; and Peer regard and esteem measures. If an examiner agrees to their nomination, the HDR Examinations Office informs them of any changes to the proposed submission date.

An alternate examiner may be appointed by the Associate Dean if the initial examiner is no longer available due to a change in submission date; An additional examiner may be appointed by the Associate Dean on the recommendation of the Delegated Authority subsequent to the initial appointment: Conflict of interest Any examiner conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest must be declared to the Associate Dean by anyone who becomes aware of it, and may include but is not limited to: Involvement with the project on which the thesis is presented; Collaboration with the candidate or members of the supervisory panel within the last five years; A close personal relationship with the candidate or members of the supervisory panel; A financial or personal prestige interest in the outcomes of the research; Ethical, personal, political or religious views that may be in conflict with the thesis or marking process; or Ownership of or employment with an organisation directly affected by the research.

On receiving notification of an actual or potential conflict of interest the Associate Dean discusses the potential conflict with relevant parties, which must include the Delegated Authority, and may also include but is not limited to: The investigation is discussed with an examiner only where directly relevant to the examiner or the examination process.

On the basis of those discussions, the Associate Dean determines whether: A prima facie conflict of interest exists and so excludes the relevant examiner from the examination process; or That no prima facie conflict of interest exists and allows the examiner to continue in their role.

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If it is unclear whether a conflict of interest exists, the relevant examiner is to be excluded from the examination process The rationale for any determination is recorded on the student file.

Examination process Examiners of Theses submitted in standard format, or as a thesis by compilation, are provided a copy of the thesis and the University guidelines for Examination of HDR Theses, and are requested to examine the thesis and return a report within two months.

While the student is a candidate for the degree: Except in the course of an oral examination, an examiner does not knowingly communicate about the research under examination directly with the student; Except in the course of an oral examination, a student does not knowingly communicate directly with an examiner about the research under examination; Supervisors and examiners must not knowingly communicate about the research under examination with each other; Examiners do not knowingly disclose the content of a thesis to an external party until a thesis has been approved for award.

Communications are subject to any approvals under the Use of Confidential or Restricted Information Theses procedure. The Associate Dean may, at the request of an examiner, nominate a person other than the student's primary supervisor to provide further information about the thesis or, in the case of joint work, the student's contribution to the thesis.

Where an appropriate report and completed Examiner Payment Request form is received, payment is made to the examiner. Examiners make one of the following four recommendations after completing the examination of the thesis: After consideration of the examiners' reports, the Delegated Authority recommends to the relevant Associate Dean: That the student be granted the award; or That the student be granted the award subject to making any corrections or revisions in the thesis; or That the student be re-examined by resubmission of thesis or re-examination of coursework or both; That the student be failed.

The Associate Dean approves the recommendation, or an alternative outcome. Potential actions may include but are not limited to: If the student indicates they would, the Delegated Authority may determine whether this is through either an additional examiner of the thesis, or an oral examination, or a written examination.Binding of the thesis.

Proof-reading/editing costs may be claimed against the scholarship thesis reimbursement allowance if: It has been foreshadowed to the Higher Degree Examinations Office not later than at the time of notification of intention to submit a thesis;.

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How NOT to hand in your PhD May 22, Ā· by Thesis Whisperer Carina Wyborn recently completed her PhD at the ANU and is now based at College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana.

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The amount of the thesis allowance is specified in the conditions of award. Scope of expenses that can be claimed. Direct thesis production costs that can be claimed include: Paper or digital media for submitted thesis; Professional copying or printing of the thesis; and; Binding of the thesis.

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