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Der Businessplan ist mehr als nur die Beschreibung des geplanten Projekts. Der Businessplan umfasst ca. Diese Zusammenfassung soll dem Leser ein umfassendes Bild des Projekts vermitteln.

Business plan rechtsform gbridge

If your strategy is to offer high quality merchandise and your supplier carries products of low to medium quality, then your business will undoubtedly experience several problems. For instance, if a customer believes that the quality of your products is below average, he or she may feel somewhat cheated and may never purchase from you in the future.

In addition, this customer may tell others of their unpleasant experience with your business, thus resulting business plan rechtsform gbridge further lose of sales. Make sure your suppliers can meet your desired level of quality. Location of the Supplier: The location of a supplier can effect your decision to do business with them.

Overseas suppliers may offer lower prices but they may not be able to fill your required orders when needed. Before you sign a contract with an overseas supplier be sure they will commit to filling and delivering your orders on time.

Shipping Damages: Who will absorb the cost of products that have been damaged during shipping? Ask each supplier whether or not they carry insurance on the products they ship to you.

If they want your business badly enough, they will ensure that your products arrive "safely". Damages and Liabilities: Many businesses have gone out of business due to lawsuits, damages, and judgments resulting from faulty products. If you buy from a supplier, it is important for you to ask who carries the liability for products resulting in mental, physical, emotional or any other damage to a customer.

Many manufacturers carry insurance for such occurrences, however, many other manufactures do not. Before signing a contract or deciding on a supplier, be sure this issue has been addressed.

Price of their Products: Prices may differ among suppliers. Furthermore, suppliers use various pricing strategies when setting their prices. These strategies include; a cost based pricing strategy, a buyer based pricing strategy, or a competition based pricing strategy.

business plan rechtsform gbridge

Lets briefly discuss these pricing approaches; assuming the suppliers point of view. Please Note: these pricing strategies are also available to you and your business when Setting Your Prices A supplier using a cost based pricing approach will first determine all costs associated with purchasing or manufacturing a product.

A markup is then added to the cost resulting in the price charged by the supplier. A supplier using a buyer based pricing strategy does not rely on the cost of producing or purchasing a product, but rather they consider a buyer's perceived value as the major factor in setting their prices.

A supplier using a competitive based pricing strategy will set its prices based on the prices charged by competitors, with little attention placed on its own costs or demand. For instance, suppliers offering similar quality, insurances, warrantees, purchase discounts, delivery times and purchase returns will usually charge similar prices.

Suppliers offering better products and services, in many cases, will charge a higher price. Why is the suppliers pricing strategy important? The pricing strategy used by your supplier may conflict with your planned pricing strategy.

This topic will be addressed later on in our discussion. Product Availability: A third consideration one should examine when choosing a supplier is product availability. Will the supplier you choose be able to supply the products you need, when you need them?

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Can you imagine a retailer selling completely out of a product and not being able to replenish its supply. Or image a manufacturer unable to purchase the raw materials because their supply ran out. Both situations usually result in lose of customers to competitors. The supplier you choose should offer back up orders and have a successful track record in filling such orders.

Be sure to ask the suppliers for a list of references. A background check on each supplier could eventually save you hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. If a supplier can not provide you with a reference list, chances are they are not the one for you!!!

Whether your supplier can offer backup orders, it is wise to have additional suppliers on hand who can fill your product needs.More than a few commenters had questions about the Gbridge tool for Windows we featured last week, which works on top of your Google account to provide file sharing and remote desktop capabilities.


Founders and employees of startups and SMBs have to focus on their core business but also care about their administrative processes.

Currently available software have limited functionality for businesses with inventory and often require significant accounting skills.

80% of US companies are non-employer firms and 91% have less than 5 employees. Für mich ist jedes neue Projekt eine spannende Herausforderung, der ich mich nur zu gerne stelle.

Dabei geht es mir nicht nur um reine Kennzahlen, sondern ich „denke“ mich in Betriebsabläufe hinein und erkenne Handlungsfelder.

business plan rechtsform gbridge

So müssen beispielsweise die an der Geschäftsführung beteiligten Personen genau im Business Plan aufgeführt werden. Wenn Sie den Businessplan für Ihre GmbH-Gründung gerne gemeinsam mit einem Businessplan-Spezialisten erstellen möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns einfach – wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Das Thema „Entrepreneurship“ ist eine wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Disziplin, der heute eine hohe Bedeutung zugesprochen wird. Als Querschnittsfach umfasst das Entrepreneurship Komponenten anderer wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Bereiche wie volkswirtschaftliche, industrieökonomische, gründungstheoretische und rechtliche Elemente.

Der Hinweis auf die Rechtsform muss aber immer im Firmennamen enthalten sein. Was ist ein Kartell? Vertragsmäßiger Zusammenschluss mehrer rechtlich und wirtschaftlich selbstständiger Unternehmen mit dem Ziel durch Wettbewerbsbeschränkung den Markt zu beherrschen.

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