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Buy research chemicals bath salts

September 25, Bath Salts Addiction Just as addictive as cocaine but you can buy it online or at a specialty store which makes it a dangerous combination. The salts contain Methylenedioxypyrovalerone MDPV and mephedrone, psychoactive drugs with stimulant properties.

Users snort or smoke the substance to produce a cocaine or meth-like high. One of the ingredients in bath salts, mephedrone, is of particular concern as it presents a high risk for overdose.

These chemicals act in the brain like stimulant drugs thus they present a high abuse and addiction liability. Classifying the synthetic drugs marked as bath salts under Schedule I control of the Controlled Substances Act is necessary, detailing health risks and the rise in bath salt ingestion and related medical emergencies through the nation.

Some steps are being taken as of July, about 21 states including New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida have bans against the so-called bath salt drugs.

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However, there is definitely a lot more work that needs to be done. Between January and Februarythere were over calls to U.

buy research chemicals bath salts

This is well over the calls received for all of That is an enormous increase. Bath salts are a dangerous drug whose full risks and effects are still unknown. What doctors at poison centers have reported is that bath salts can cause rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, chest pains, agitation, hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and delusions.

Bath Salts As Addictive As Their Illegal Alternatives In an effort test how addictive bath salts can be using a method called intracranial self-stimulation ICSS by which lab animals in this case mice are implanted with brain stimulating electrodes, researchers have measured the ability of bath salt drug mephedrone also known as meow meow and cocaine to activate the reward circuits in the brain.

In the ICSS studies, animals are trained to perform a behavioral task for which they are rewarded by direct stimulation of the brain pathways involved in reward perception.

In this instance, the behavioral task was spinning a wheel. Their efforts were measured before, during and after having received various doses of mephedrone and cocaine.

While as expected cocaine increased the ability of mice to be rewarded by self-stimulation, mephedrone does the same thing. It increases the rewarding potency of ICSS just like cocaine does.

Research shows that mephedrone likely has significant abuse liability. Bath salts are dangerous, easily obtainable both in small local stores and online, and the formula used to create the drug can be altered to skirt the law enforcement and make research difficult.

Since it contains amphetamine-like chemicals, bath salts will always carry the risk of stroke, heart attack, and sudden death. Those addicted have sought relief through treatment. One method successful for countless thousands has been Narconon, a drug-free, long-term residential rehab program.

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buy research chemicals bath salts

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