Duplication of disposition

Albany, New York Can I get a simple verification of an incident without waiting for copies of records? The State Police will provide the complainant or the victim of an incident with a "Report of Incident Verification" at no charge.

Duplication of disposition

Your Duplication of disposition will need to maintain copies of your disposition log as a paper trail for your disposed records.

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The logs must be retained for 10 years and can be kept as one ongoing document. A blank RRD form can be found in the middle of this page.

Important things to keep in mind when disposing university records: The retention time for a record applies to the ONE "master copy" of a document which is the original or "master" copy. Any extra copies of a document are considered to be "convenience copies" [aka duplicates], which can be disposed of at any time when it's usefulness ends.

At no time should a convenience copy be kept longer than the record copy. Convenience copies do not have to listed on a disposition log. Only MASTER copies originals of records require a disposition log to be completed and a copy of the form should be kept by the department to document a paper trail of the department's records.

Many records, such as travel, payroll and personnel documents, are now done online and thus the master copy of these documents are the electronic versions. The paper versions of these documents in most office are copies and can be disposed of when no longer needed. Non-Texas Tech "Library" type materials such as conference brochures, programs and fliers are not considered a state record and can be disposed of at any time.

Records flagged as "archival" may contain historical information that should be kept long term. Contact the University Archivist, Lynn Whitfield, about transferring these records.

She may be reached at or lynn. Enter your department's name and mail stop number. Write the record series title RRS field 6 that corresponds with the type of records you have for disposition.

If you are unsure what type of records you have, please call for assistance. Keep in mind that you only have to list a record type once for each disposition cycle. For example if you have travel vouchers from andonly list that record type as: Examples an entry with multiple dates:Duplication of Disposition When people are asked, "Who are you?", the answer seems trivial.

We have names, ages, and various physical features. But when we are asked about our personality, it can be difficult to give an accurate depiction.

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A personality describes how someone react. A(n) is a tickler file containing copies of forms completed when records are received in a records center records retention schedule A(n) is a list of records series titles, indicating for each series the length of time it is to be maintained.

This thread is a duplicate of How to encode the filename parameter of Content-Disposition header in HTTP? But since this question was asked a long time ago and there is still no satisfying answer (in my opinion), I would like to ask again.

Department of State Records Schedule. Chapter Foreign Service Institute Records. A Records Common to all Schools/Centers - Correspondence Files 07a(2) Description: a. Routine telegrams to and from posts. (2) Electronic version of records created by electronic mail and word processing applications.

Copies of schedules, procedures of waste collection and disposition, and records of services performed.

Duplication of disposition

Destroy after 1 year or after being replaced by new procedures. Disposition definition is - prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination.

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