Evaluation of twelve angry men

May 2, at It was refreshing to read a article on domestic violence free of most gender bias, only to be informed it has to do with politics. I knew a woman who was cruel to her son, my best friend in grade school.

Evaluation of twelve angry men

Etymology[ edit ] Three etymologies were proposed by ancient erudites, each of them bearing implications about the nature of the god.

Evaluation of twelve angry men

In this etymology, the notion of Chaos would define the primordial nature of the god. This explanation has been accepted by A. It supports all the assimilations of Janus to the bright sky, the sun and the moon.

A third etymology indicated by CiceroOvid and Macrobiuswhich explains the name as Latin, deriving it from the verb ire "to go" is based on the interpretation of Janus as the god of beginnings and transitions.

Sanskrit " yana- " or Avestan "yah-", likewise with Latin "i-" and Greek "ei-". Since movement and change are interconnected, he has a double nature, symbolised in his two headed image. Jupiter himself can move forth and back because of Janus's working.

He represented time, because he could see into the past with one face and into the future with the other. He represented the middle ground between barbarism and civilization, rural and urban space, youth and adulthood.

Having jurisdiction over beginnings Janus had an intrinsic association with omens and auspices. He was often invoked together with Iuppiter Jupiter.

Thus the god of beginning is not structurally reducible to a sovereign god, nor the goddess of ending to any of the three categories on to which the goddesses are distributed. There is though a greater degree of fuzziness concerning the function and role of goddesses, which may have formed a preexisting structure allowing the absorption of the local Mediterranean mother goddesses, nurturers and protectresses.

The fall of uranic primordial gods into the condition of deus otiosus is a well-known phenomenon in the history of religions. Mircea Eliade gave a positive evaluation of Dumezil's views and of the results in comparative research on Indoeuropean religions achieved in Tarpeia.


Audin who interprets the god as the issue of a long process of development, starting with the Sumeric cultures, from the two solar pillars located on the eastern side of temples, each of them marking the direction of the rising sun at the dates of the two solstices: These two pillars would be at the origin of the theology of the divine twinsone of whom is mortal related to the NE pillar, as confining with the region where the sun does not shine and the other is immortal related to the SE pillar and the region where the sun always shines.

Later these iconographic models evolved in the Middle East and Egypt into a single column representing two torsos and finally a single body with two heads looking at opposite directions.

Temples[ edit ] The temple of Janus with closed doors, on a sestertius issued under Nero in 66 AD from the mint at Lugdunum Numa built the Ianus geminus also Janus Bifrons, Janus Quirinus or Portae Bellia passage ritually opened at times of war, and shut again when Roman arms rested.

About the exact location and aspect of the temple there has been much debate among scholars. It contained a statue of the god with the right hand showing the number and the left the number 65—i. However American scholars L. Ross Taylor and L.

Adams Holland on the grounds of a passage of Statius [55] maintain that it was an earlier structure tradition has it the Ianus Quadrifrons was brought to Rome from Falerii [56] and that Domitian only surrounded it with his new forum. Cult epithets[ edit ] One way of investigating the complex nature of Janus is by systematically analysing his cultic epithets:Dr.

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essay for leonardo da vinci ichihime proof essays on friendship. Dissertation reliability swimming pool essay . Evaluation of Twelve Angry Men On January 16th I went to see “Twelve Angry Men” written by Regional Rose at the Garrick Theatre, London.

This play was directed by Christopher Hayden with added design elements by Michael Pavelka.

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