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Geog hist

This course is on understanding the physical geography of mountain environments and the processes that have created them, shaped them, and sustained them.

Political Ecology of Health and Disease. This course examines the intersection of political, economic, social, and environmental systems that shape health and disease across spatial and temporal scales.

Honors version available Gen Ed: Global Change and the Carolinas. An examination of the ways in which change in the global physical environment, human induced and natural, might impact the Carolinas.

Geog hist

Landscape in Science and Art. Explores viewing landscape from the perspective of science and of art, and investigates how an integration of both leads to a better understanding and appreciation of a landscape. Local Places in a Globalizing World. An examination of the relationship between globalization and localization in order to think about how we, as individuals and groups, can make a difference in the world.

This course considers memorial landscapes created to reinforce values symbolized by the person, group, or event memorialized.

It looks at how disagreements and cultural changes affect memorial landscape interpretation. Space, Identity, and Power in the Middle East.

This seminar examines the role traditional and modern spaces play in representations of the Middle East and how Middle Easterners engage these contested spaces to construct their cultural and political identities.

Explores the social and spatial inequalities in health care access and use and their impacts on health. A variety of topics are examined, including health-related policies, beliefs about health and health care, modern medical practices, and health care costs.

Climate Change in the American Southeast.

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Seminar participants, working in small groups, will run climate models and investigate current climate trends, combining the results to create scenarios of future climate for the southeast United States.

The Culture of Technology. This first-year seminar uses the lens of culture to explore systems of meaning and values, and relations of social power, that are invested in technologies. The Problem with Nature and Its Preservation. Alternative conceptualizations of nature in Western culture and how these meanings help create the landscapes in which we live and allow us to evaluate the implications of efforts to preserve nature.

Explores modern Vietnam and situates the American war in broader spatial and historical context. Draws on fact, fiction, and visual media to introduce a fascinating place, rich in history, and to animate a geographic imagination students can take anywhere.

Climate Change and the Media.Bachelor of Arts in History. Skip Navigation | Translation.

Geog hist

Undergraduate Catalog (old site) ENTR Or FINC Or GEOG Or HEED Choose four courses from any or level HIST or HIPO designation.

GEOGRAPHY (GEOG) GEOG First-Year Seminar: Mountain Environments. 3 Credits. HIST , POLI GEOG Environmental Conservation and Global Change. 3 Credits. Survey of environmental change as driven by physical processes and human activity. Problem-solving methods are explored.

Focus on issues such as global .

History, Geography, & Political Sc.

History is the study of human experience from the dawn of time to the present. It examines people, institutions, ideas and events of the past and the present. Sep 25,  · Geography & History {Sale & FREEBIE} Posted on September 25, by Donna Brown in Homeschooling When I was a freshman in college taking History I realized something quite embarrassing.

Hist History and Civics for Elementary Education Students will master some of the major concepts and ideas (i.e.

political, economic, social and cultural) related to American History. Students will master some of the major concepts and ideas (i.e. political, economic, social and cultural) related to World History. The Census Bureau publishing geographic data in and expanded to included statistical atlases, TIGER, and other products that map the data the agency collects.

Geography And History Of The World