Hand osteosynthesis

Osteosynthesis devices in the form of specifically designed metal plates, screws, and nails are used to scientifically repair the bone through inter-fragmental compression and achieve fracture union. These devices are eliminating the need for conventional methods plaster cast or skeletal traction and allow the patient undergoing surgery to return to day-to-day life tasks by avoiding any surgical complications. Osteoporosis and road traffic injuries are major factors that are responsible for revenue growth.

Hand osteosynthesis

Young patients often sustain high energy trauma and elderly patients usually have a history of a fall. The patient needs to evaluated for skin integrity, vascular status in the affected limb.

Full trauma evaluation is warranted if the injury is due to a high energy mechanism. Any fractures in other areas must be identified.

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High alert is required for identification of compartment syndrome. Imaging Studies X-rays Patients with Distal femur fractures require anteroposterior and lateral. Anteroposterior, lateraland oblique traction views can help characterize injury but are painful Elderly patients should be evaluated for the degenerative joint disease.

Suspected injuries in the same limb or other body parts should be evaluated. CT CT scan is very useful in intra-articular fractures. It helps to Identify intra-articular fractures in both frontal and sagittal reconstructions. Angiography Indicated in suspected arterial injury and associated knee dislocation.

Treatment of Distal Femur Fractures Essentially all distal femur fractures require operative intervention because of the severe potential risks of prolonged bed rest. Patients with severe life-threatening or other medical problems in which the risks of anesthesia are high may also be treated nonoperatively.

These patients can be treated with plaster immobilization followed by a hinged knee brace. Surgery If the fracture is open or if there is an associated vascular injury, the patient needs to be operated immediately. The limb should be splinted while the patient awaits surgery.

Goals in the treatment of all intra-articular fractures are Accurate anatomical reduction.The Asian Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis (AADO) was founded in by the group of Asian orthopaedic surgeons who were involved in the multicentric clinical trial of the Gamma AP Nail.

Osteosynthesis of the Hand is the ideal reference tool for every hand surgeon interested in learning more about proven osteosynthesis techniques in hand surgery. Special features: A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of common tools and implants. marTract ®.

The marTract ® retractor system is a modular product for a variety of indications and applications in surgery. Its flexibility and the compatibility of all components allow an interdisciplinary use for almost all tasks.

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This finally ends not only in reducing the working load of the OT staff but also in minimizing operating procedures and budgets. Most studies examining complications after fracture osteosynthesis using K-wires in hand and wrist trauma have been retrospective and have presented contradicting results.

Only 2 randomized controlled studies exist, both finding significantly higher infection rates for non-buried K-wires [ [1], [4] ].

Hand osteosynthesis

Orthopedic implants and osteosynthesis innovative solutions. Neosteo’s goal is to provide the most advanced technologies that will meet with clinicians’ and patients’ needs.

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