How to do step by step

If you have just been diagnosed, it is extremely unusual that there is any need to rush to a decision. Most cancers have been sitting quietly in your prostate and growing for 10 to 15 years, with the most aggressive ones developing over 10 or so years. So take the time to learn about the prostate, the disease and the different choices for treatment. Once suspected or diagnosed, unless in advanced stages, men typically have time to gather information, and make an informed decision about how to proceed.

How to do step by step

Here is information on how to create an organized system of managing your electronic documents to improve data efficiency. Sometimes electronic documents are stored under a single file folder, which is similar to storing all paper office documents in one file cabinet drawer, with no hanging files or Manila folders to categorize them.

Stashing all your documents within a single folder makes access time-consuming. This keeps data organized under one structure instead of trying to maintain multiple structures.

An example of a file hierarchy structure in Windows Explorer. How to Organize Electronic Documents for a Shared Drive Network This page guidebook is designed to guide IT staff, technology and organizing consultants or assigned project managers through the process of organizing electronic documents on shared drive networks.

This guidebook describes the steps—from assessment to implementation—required to establish a common practice for managing electronic documentation on a shared drive network.

If you work in a company on a networked system, most likely your IT department gave you a personal file folder or drive space on the server that usually is named your first initial and last name.

This might be the best location to store your electronic data because the server systems are usually backed up nightly. Some individuals prefer to keep their documents on their hard drive, or C drive, and not on the network server because they find it is easier to access and more reliable, especially when traveling.

If you select this option, be sure to determine a backup plan. If you choose to store your data on the C drive, you might want to use the existing folder called My Documents to hold your electronic data. If you choose to store documents on the network or a different drive, you might have to create a new folder called Data or My Documents to begin your electronic file structure.

Organizing Your Files Create your electronic file hierarchy system first, before you begin to reorganize the electronic documents you want to file within it. With your system in place, you easily can drag and drop files into the appropriate file folders, without stopping to create a new file folder.

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Or for a quick shortcut, you could right-click the Start button and select Explore to open Windows Explorer. For Mac-based systems, just click the Mac Drive icon on your desktop. This view simplifies organizing electronic files and makes it easy to drag and drop files and documents from one pane into another.

In this double pane column view, the left side lists all primary files and drives and the right side lists the contents of a highlighted folder. For the Mac-based systems click in the view that offers multiple columns.

Creating File Folders Electronic file folders are designed and viewed in an outline structure sorted in alphabetical order. In the toolbar, choose File, New, Folder.

How to do step by step

Initially the file folder is named New Folder and the name is highlighted; type in the new file name to change the name of the folder.First Name is a required field. Last Name is a required field. Please enter your email address. Please enter a valid email address. At least one Country must be selected.

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How to do step by step

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Step 1 assesses whether you understand and can apply important concepts of the sciences basic to the practice of medicine, with special emphasis on principles and mechanisms underlying health, disease, and modes of therapy.

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