Interesting historical figures to write about

A special thanks to Sean Munger for providing his insightful thoughts on writing historical characters into fiction.

Interesting historical figures to write about

The housekeeper before Thelma Howard was a great cook but did not get along with his daughters and would tell them to stay in their room while she got about her work.

Thelma never sold her stocks out of respect for Disney and she lived a normal modest life.

interesting historical figures to write about

According to her will she gave half of her fortune to her disabled son and the other half to charity. Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein.

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Added to it were his distinctive hairstyle and expressive face that were easily recognizable. But, he seems to have figured out how to deal with his ever approaching fans by politely excusing himself saying that he was often mistaken for Einstein.

interesting historical figures to write about

Nikola Tesla openly expressed his disgust for overweight people and even fired his secretary because of her weight. He was also very asocial and secluded himself from others with his work, though when he did engage in social life, those who met him always had great praise for him calling him refined, sweet, sincere and gentlemanly.

This is in contrast to how he behaved at other times. He was quick to criticize clothing and on many occasions sent a subordinate home to change her dress.

His disgust with overweight people was also very openly displayed, as was in the case of his firing a secretary because of her weight.

Two years after she died, he met Mina Miller at the house Mr. Gilliard, his friends, and married her. During his visits, the Gilliards would always make sure to have an eligible young lady, one of whom was Mina, in the hope that they would find each other interesting.

Edison was instantly smitten with her, and soon married.

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He even taught her to communicate in Morse code using finger taps on his arm when her parents was around and one day proposed to her using the same.Nov 15,  · We’ve covered ten such historical scandals in the past, but if there’s one thing we know about history, it’s that there’s no shortage of immoral conduct.

Here are 10 more obscure and scandalous facts about well-known historical figures. Dec 10,  · We ranked historical figures just as Google ranks web pages, by integrating a diverse set of measurements about their reputation into a single consensus value.

Significance is related to fame but measures something different. History 25 Most Influential People In History By Attribute. Posted by Jason MIT’s study named her the most famous companion and the second-most-famous female historical figure of all time behind Cleopatra.

He’s one of the very few historical figures who enjoys great respect and immense popularity on every continent and has been.

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Sep 21,  · As the author of The Three Musketeers and The Count Of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas is one of the most famous writers in while Alexandre just wrote about daring adventures, his father actually lived Dumas was born in Haiti to a French nobleman and his slave concubine.

Today, we’re going to focus on a 10 absurdly famous, almost mythic people (much more famous than Kissinger) who are yet in a lot of people’s Zone 2 (and maybe even a few in Zone 1)—when you finish the post, they should all be in your (and my) Zone 3, and you’ll be safe.

I got to this list by surveying friends and readers about which huge names they were ashamed to know very little about, and these are . How to Write a Research Paper on Historical Figure. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left.

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