No justice without punishment

Also, the same study found that defendants who were charged with killing whites are 4. What you have here is a system that treats some lives as more important than others. Capital Punishment is a broken system and needs to be abolished. C5 Lawyer Quality Sometimes, it does not depend on what the criminal did; rather quality of the lawyer.

No justice without punishment

The interim care orders are usually renewed automatically every month for nearly a year before a final care hearing is held, during which time the unfortunate children are isolated from their parents except for very limited supervised contact periods wondering what they have done wrong!

No justice without punishment

Those few parents who succeed in winning and recovering their children are nearly always those who represent themselves. As a consequence, when local authorities apply for an interim care order in the family courts only one in is refused!

To cap it all social workers only too often, go round schools and friends of parents and, by their loaded questions spread harmful rumours about the parents. Grandparents, aunts and uncles are excluded from the court in order believe it or not! Alone in Europe, only the UK tolerates forced adoption of children against the wishes of parents in court.

Children, however, with just ONE unexplained injury such as a bruise, a burn, or a fractured arm but with no prior record of abuse or injuries still make good adoption material and are seized for that purpose even when there is no evidence that the parents were in any way responsible.

Is there a conspiracy? What reforms should the government introduce? That is how it used to be before the Children Act when police and criminal courts not social workers and family courts dealt with removal of children from cruel or neglectful parents, and it worked much better!

Parents should no longer threatened with jail, if they complain No justice without punishment when their children are taken and should no longer be threatened with having their contact sessions with their children in care stopped, if they dare to discuss their case with them. Once No justice without punishment in the criminal courts those accused of being paedophiles and child traffikers have the right to speak out to protest their innocence publicly and even go to the media if they wish, without fear of punishment.

No justice without punishment

I only suggest that parents have the same rights to freedom of speech as the worst type of criminal. Surely that is not too much to ask? The Human Rights Act clearly states that all should be free to enjoy a private family life undisturbed by any intervention of a public authority.

This provision was clearly drafted to provide parents with protection from the State. Unfortunately perverse UK judges alone in Europe have twisted this Act into a protection for the State against protesting parents! They actually rule that if parents protest publicly, they disturb the privacy of their own children and should be sent to prison therefore, if they do dare to protest openly when the State confiscates their children.

HEARSAY evidence should never be preferred to live evidence from children for instance when live evidence is available. Yes, family courts should be criminal courts and children should only be taken from parents, if they have committed or been charged with a crime.

Incredibly, mothers lose their children to forced adoption not for anything they HAVE done but for what some overpaid charlatans reading tea leaves or tarot cards? This continued rise could simply indicate people are being more alert to situations where children are at risk, which can only be a positive development.

Numbers doubled in the past four years — Daily Mail — 12 April Even the actual family court proceedings are fatally flawed. The result is that parents are then faced with reports by these experts who rarely turn up in court to be questioned.

The reality, however, is that adopters want babies, not older children so social workers seize babies and toddlers to be put into care and from there into forced adoption with the agreement of compliant judges so that targets can be met! SHAME on our family court legal system and all those who support it!

Judgements, reports from experts and position statements are either withheld or given to parents at the last minute too late to read and analyse them properly. If parents record contacts with their children, or interviews with experts or social workers judges routinely refuse permission for these recordings to be heard yet they always allow recordings and video evidence to be heard if produced by police or social workers.

Their evidence and their arguments are usually ignored in the judgements. They use this power to gag parents and force them into complete submission! Family and friends are wrongly prevented from entering the court. The reply, should always be that in common with so many government employees social workers and experts never like to admit that they were wrong.

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Their behaviour is only too often, both dictatorial and shocking as three senior judges confirm! Family torn apart in minute court case: The parents were not allowed to give any evidence! Their three children had all been forcibly removed until they were ordered to be returned by Lord Justice Thorpe on appeal.

I think it is one of the essentials of justice being done in the community.

Punishment without Crime | No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Every judge, in a sense, is on trial to see that he does his job properly. Reporters are there, representing the public, to see that magistrates and judges behave themselves. The mother had not shown any sign at all of harming her child, for her baby has not yet been born.

The local authority, however, is convinced that there is a possibility that she might harm the child. To most people, it will seem grotesquely unjust that any child could be removed on such a basis.

Northumberland County Council is, however, far from unusual in acting in this way. Some of those forcible adoptions are appalling acts of injustice.MUSALO FINAL V.2 PROOF CORRECTION (DO NOT DELETE) 4/24/ PM Summer ] CRIMES WITHOUT PUNISHMENT most recently published its findings in a report soon after the Law took effect In November , in collaboration with the Refugee and Human Rights Clinic at the University of California.

Can there be justice without punishment?

Prison Without Punishment Germany allows inmates to wear their own clothes, cook their own meals, and have romantic visits. Could that work in the United States? But what touches our feelings and our approach to managing the criminal justice system is really punishment.

We feel that. A new piece of research written by social workers predicts that forced adoption will come to an end in the UK.

The document also offers new research on the impact of adoptions on birth parents and asks whether it is right for the government to . Without capital punishment, it could be argued that the justice system makes no provision in response to the crime of murder, and thus provides no justice for the victim.

cp4: IT IS FAIR In the United States, the process of convicting and executing a criminal is an exhaustive and lengthy one which definitely lends a little validity to the.

Meaning of justice as no justice without punishment no justice without punishment a legal term What does. essays. which are low-level offenses. in Marylands juvenile justice system And they are more Free capital punishment papers. Crime Without Punishment By Lester Jackson In common parlance, "getting away with murder" is a metaphor for doing something wrong without suffering deserved adverse consequences.

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