Should semi automatic firearms be banned

Opponents of gun restrictions often argue that even seemingly modest restrictions are the first step towards total bans on all guns or all handguns. Some proponents of gun restrictions mock this: No-one is talking about gun bans, they say -- the slippery slope concern is groundless. In the words of Martin Dyckman, associate editor of the St.

Should semi automatic firearms be banned

This article is over 5 months old Gun control Australia says rapid-shot firearms should not be available for civilians.

Should semi automatic firearms be banned

On Wednesday the ABC reported that a new type of fast lever action rifle, the Speedline, by the French gun manufacturer Verney-Carron, has been available for purchase in Australia as a category B firearm since A bid to import a second Verney-Carron gun, the Veloce shotgun, which has a fast fire and reload mechanism, is awaiting judgment before the federal court.

The chairwoman of Gun Control Australia, Samantha Lee, said both weapons had capabilities more akin to a semi-automatic firearm than a traditional lever or bolt-action rifle, and should be banned. Sign up to receive the top stories in Australia every day at noon Lee said the Speedline had slipped through because the category system put in place in the national firearms agreement in had not been updated to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.

Should semi automatic firearms be banned

Political pressure from the pro-gun lobby is also increasing. He said the firing speed in promotional videos was unrealistic in real-world conditions.

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The federal government suspended imports of the Adler lever-action shotgun in after it was categorised as a category A weapon, the lowest possible classification. It has since been reclassified as a category B, the type used by most hunters and sports shooters.

Casagrande, who owns the firearms and munitions distributor Australian Sporting Agencies, has been distributing the Speedline rifle since after a month approval process. He told Guardian Australia he obtained an import permit from Victoria police for the shotgun version mid last year but it was stopped by border control who said it was a restricted weapon.

He applied to the federal court to have that assessment, which was made by the Australian federal police, reviewed, and said that it should also be a category B weapon because it used the same firing mechanism as the rifle.

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But I have got a shotgun that I would like to import that is no faster than the Adler A that we have just been through. New South Wales MP David Shoebridge disagreed with Casagrande, saying the Speedline had a faster action than the Adler and should be placed in category D alongside semi-automatic firearms, which are effectively banned.

Queensland police approved import of 2, Adler shotguns in Read more He said firearms should be classified based on the rate of fire and suggested that imports should be based on a whitelist of approved firearms rather than a blacklist that may not catch new models.Rifles, shotguns and hand guns come in manual load, semi automatic and automatic fire RATE.

The first 2 categories comprise the vast majority of weapons available for civilian use, and by that I mean exclusively self defense. Semi-automatic firearms should be banned. Email.

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Zip. By completing this poll, you are agreeing to receive breaking news and alerts by email The debate over gun control has once again sparked in . Semi-automatic weapons should be banned because they are unnecessary in terms of self-defense and hunting, which is the only reason we need guns.

No one needs a gun that fires 10 to 50 rounds per second for protection or killing an animal.

Gun Control Advocates Urging Mild Restrictions as Steps Toward a Total Ban

The Truth About Assault Weapons. To navigate, use the right arrow key on your keyboard, or swipe your touchscreen. This is an AR is the most popular rifle sold in the United States today. Ban semi-automatic firearms Americans widely accept that fully automatic guns are banned.

Yet the exact argument can (and should) be used against semi-automatic guns. Check out this story on. Being a practicing attorney who handles firearms questions and legal issues, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.’s attorneys, including Bryan L.

Ciyou, encounter a number of routine questions and misconceptions as it relates to firearms.

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