Sliding beaker investigation essay

It is a strong psychoactive substance with a depressing effect. Ethanol is produced in a process call fermentation.

Sliding beaker investigation essay

What are the characteristics of organic compounds? What are the general structures and physical properties of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon derivatives? What types of reactions do organic compounds undergo?

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Go to scienceontario to find out more about organic chemistry 2 Organic Chemistry S cientists describe life on Earth as carbon-based. This description reflects the fact that the organic molecules that comprise living organisms are made of carbon atoms that are bonded to other carbon atoms, to hydrogen atoms, and to atoms of a few other elements such as oxygen and nitrogen.

Organic molecules may define life, but there are many other non-life-related organic molecules. In addition, organic molecules are not limited to planet Earth. For example, analysis of meteorites like the one shown in the inset photograph has revealed the presence of organic molecules that include amino acids, nucleic acids, sugars, and carboxylic acids—all molecules that make up organisms.

Other organic molecules detected in space include hydrocarbon molecules such as methane, and hydrocarbon derivatives, such as methanol and formaldehyde. Some of these organic molecules have even been detected in star systems millions of light years from Earth.

For example, the galaxy shown in the photograph is 12 million light years from Earth and contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, molecules that are essential to life.

Sliding beaker investigation essay

As you investigate organic molecules and their interactions in this unit, think about their importance as the building blocks of living things as well as how the products derived from them affect your daily life.

As you study this unit, look ahead to the Unit 1 Project on pages to Complete the project in stages as you progress through the unit. The Murchison meteorite, thought to be about 4. Since then scientists have extensively analyzed its chemistry, finding over 90 amino acids.

To date, only nineteen of these amino acids can be found on Earth. Use the eyewash station to flush your eyes with water for 15 min, and make sure that someone tells your teacher.

Which safety equipment should you use if a chemical has splashed into your eyes? Why is a special container for the disposal of broken glass important? Which list of safety equipment includes only equipment that is used after an accident occurs?

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Edited by Colin Richards, Richard Jones and Stuart Jeffrey. × mm. pp. Numerous b/w and colour illustrations, numerous tables.

Sliding beaker investigation essay

The aim of this book is to explore the language of science writing. The method is to describe scientific research articles on the basis of a computer-held text archive (a corpus). While many features of language have been identified in scientific.

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