Snake robot thesis

This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. These works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Abstract Snake robots are ideally suited to highly confined environments because their small cross-sections and highly redundant kinematics allow them to enter and move through tight spaces with a high degree of dexterity.

Snake robot thesis

Snake robot thesis Name Master of Engineering Some studies have demonstrated that snake robots have more advantages than other mobile robots in real-world applications such as search-and-rescue operations and building inspections.

A pitch-and-yaw modular snake robot is capable of performing various gaits such as linear progression, rolling, sidewinding and rotating.

Snake robot thesis

These gaits allow the robot locomotion to adapt to different types of terrain. Predicting the motion trajectories of the gaits is necessary in order to control the robots in path planning.

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This thesis presents the pitch-and-yaw modular snake robot developed as a robotic platform to study snake robot locomotion.

The joint control of the robot was optimised and optimal gait parameters of the sinusoid function generators, which are used to generate the gaits, were obtained. The accuracy of the 2D and the 3D simple kinematic motion models, which are based on the virtual chassis, were analysed using the motion trajectories recorded from the laboratory and the ODE simulation.

The models were optimised to find the average optimal ground parameters of the models by training the models with the experimentally recorded motion trajectories. The consistency in the motion trajectories for each gait was evaluated to determine the predictability of each gait.

The results are presented in terms of errors in the travelled distance and direction, and the orientation of the robot.

The 2D model predicted the motion trajectories of the linear progression gait and the turning gait with highest average errors of 5. The 3D model achieved similar outcomes for the rolling gait and the rotating gait but with highest average errors of However, the failure of both the 3D model and the simulation to predict the sidewinding gait might be due to the large inconsistency in the motion trajectories of the gait and the lacking number of modules.

The use of average optimal ground parameters, reprojection errors and inconsistency in the motion trajectories might have contributed to the errors of the models.

Subjects gait parameters, ODE engine, virtual chassis, kinematic motion models Collections.Snake Robot Design In terms of designing snake robot, a rigid link is designed and fabricated in forming the desired form of robot structure.

The link with length of L = m and diameter of D = m is partitioned into nine similar segments with length of l = m for each segment. snake like robot a thesis submitted to the graduate school of natural and applied sciences of middle east technical university by ergİn kurtulmu in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science in .

Control and Design of Snake Robots

This thesis presents a pose estimation algorithm for a snake robot as a step towards creating a closed-loop controlled snake robot. The University of Canterbury snake robot is being developed for use in urban search and rescue, where snake robots have the advantage over wheeled robots that they are able to navigate through complex .

We study the kinematics of the trident snake robot equipped with either active joints and passive wheels or passive joints and active wheels.

A control system representation of the kinematics is derived, and control singularities examined. Gospodarek, “Design and modelling of the trident snake type mobile robot”, Master’s Thesis.

DESIGN, ANALYSIS, AND FABRICATION OF A SNAKE-INSPIRED ROBOT WITH A RECTILINEAR GAIT By Brent William Spranklin Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the. The examples or some models of snake robots are multi-link snake robot, snake-like or snake robot, hyper-redundant robot and G-snake robot.

These snake robot are .

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