Stress and writing dissertations

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Stress and writing dissertations

Financial and transport problems was negatively related to overall stress in the regression analysis.

Stress and writing dissertations

Students who have more job stress and more time demands Stress and writing dissertations also be earning more money compared to students with less job stress and fewer time demands. With a strong, positive relationship between time demands and overall stress, students with fewer time demands might experience less stress when it comes to the process of writing their dissertation or thesis, even though they may have more financial difficulties and more stress in other areas of their lives.

In other words, when controlling for the positive relationship between time demands and overall stress, a negative relationship emerges between financial difficulties and the stress associated with writing a dissertation or thesis.

These two factors had the highest mean stress scores when looking at the individual stressor factors, they had the largest correlations with overall stress, and they were the strongest predictors of overall stress in a regression analysis.

The themes that emerged were lack of balance, lack of support, lack of feedback, and uncertainty. Lack of Balance Some of the students reported experiencing stress from having difficulties in balancing numerous responsibilities.

Of those students, many reported that they found it overwhelming to find a balance between work, family, and academic tasks. I am trying to juggle a hectic work schedule, three children, church activities as well as research and study which leaves me overwhelmed at times and demoralised and feeling unable to cope.

I will set myself certain goals and everything else just seems to get in the way, family issues, money issues and before you know it the targets you set are not attainable. Usually complete study work at the last moment which is stressful as it might call for unplanned leave from work.

Not having enough time for my doctoral thesis or not spending enough time with my family when I take time for my doctoral thesis. These findings are in line with previous research which showed that university students can experience a lack of time management due to additional work and family commitments Al-Saleh et al.

Lack of Support Most of the students who reported that they were experiencing stress with the dissertation or thesis process stated that they were not getting enough support. Sometimes students indicated a general absence of support and other times students referred to a lack of support from the department, supervisors, people at home, or people at work.

When I need direction I do not know who to turn to? I am just on my own. I am thinking of quitting this program. I have no one to ask and get responses. What I am doing by myself finally may not fulfil the universities requirement.

Therefore, I feel that I may be wasting my time. Believe me I am very much stressed. A minor question in my mind demands from me a lot of time and effort because I don't have support from the supervisor.

Other students reported that they experienced stress because they did not have the necessary resources to write a dissertation or thesis. Furthermore, academic support can help students to integrate and connect with their academic departments and disciplines Golde, ; Lovitts, Another theme that emerged from the qualitative analysis, which is related to the above issues regarding a lack of support from supervisors, was the lack of feedback.

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Stress and writing dissertations

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