The world system before and after

Turmoil in Brazil may jeopardize the Olympic games CNN Police in Rio de Janeiro clashed with hundreds of protesters Monday amid growing outrage over the cause of a fire that destroyed Brazil's oldest and most important historical museum. The year-old National Museum of Brazil was left gutted after a devastating blaze tore through the beloved institution late Sunday night. Though the extent of the damage remains unknown, aerial images show widespread damage throughout the building, which was home to an estimated 20 million artifacts spanning 11, years.

The world system before and after

Image Mass burials begin in Indonesia as deaths pass Hundreds remain missing and thousands more need assistance as the impact of the disaster unfolds. The relief effort is expected to take months. Getty Images THE devastating tsunami which ripped apart the idyllic island of Sulawesi was massively underestimated by an ailing warning system which is being blamed for the loss of hundreds of lives.

At least people are confirmed dead after the disaster struck the Indonesian island on Friday, triggered by a powerful earthquake. The mass graves were being prepared yesterday. AFP At least people are confirmed dead. AFP The mass graves were being readied yesterday for hundreds of victims as authorities battled to stave off disease and reach desperate people still trapped under shattered buildings.


After the massive 7. However, this only lasted about 30 minutes and is said to have drastically underestimated the scale of the tsunami which claimed so many lives. However, in Palu — the city where the majority of victims were killed — buildings were ripped down by waves as high as six metres just moments after the warning was lifted.

The world system before and after

Tragically, hundreds of people had gathered for a beachfront festival in the city and were wiped out as the massive waves struck. As victims were buried in a mass grave and rescue teams struggled to reach remote areas, questions mounted about what exactly happened and if more could have been done to save lives.

The tragedy has highlighted what critics say is a patchy early-warning system to detect tsunamis in the seismically-active Southeast Asian archipelago. Massive waves later ripped through parts of the island, killing hundreds.

AFP The station keeps a check on changes in tides and should have detected if destructive waves were headed for the city. Tide-monitoring stations and data-modelling are the main tools in Indonesia for predicting if a quake has generated a tsunami. Efforts to improve systems have been beset by problems, from a failure to properly maintain new equipment to bureaucratic bickering.

After a quake-tsunami in off Sumatra island killedacross the region, with most victims in Indonesia, 22 early-warning buoys were deployed around the country to detect tsunamis. But officials have admitted that they are no longer working after being vandalised and due to a lack of funds for maintenance.

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Massive waves were triggered after a 7. Getty Images In another case, a major project with funding from the US National Science Foundation to deploy hi-tech tsunami sensors in a quake-prone part of western Indonesia has been delayed.

Louise Comfort, a natural disaster expert from the University of Pittsburgh who has led the American side of the initiative, said that it had been put on hold after disagreement between government agencies and a delay in getting financing.

The initial tremor was a sideways movement of tectonic plates, rather than the sort of violent upward thrust that would typically generate destructive waves, and was followed by scores of aftershocks. Major questions are being asked of the warning system.8 Factors that have Changed International Relations after World War II.

The Second World War, a great change in the concept of sovereignty, nature of conflict among nations, concept of national interest, and means to achieving it has occurred.

Centenary News contributor Claire Wotherspoon continues her series on German education with an article on what happened in schools after the First World War.. When the First World War ended, the organisation of schools underwent a series of significant changes, reshaping the structure of the system and how subjects were taught.

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Sulawesi tsunami: 30 minutes which cost hundreds of lives

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Before World War I, the prevailing international monetary system was the international gold standard. Gold constituted the international reserve asset and its value was fixed by the declared par value that countries specified.

The World System: Before and After Cold War Introduction to Cold War The Cold War was the period of conflict, tension and competition between the United States (capitalism) and the Soviet Union (socialism) and their respective .

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