Top 10 reasons to work at

Is it the pay? A lack of better options? Some 1, full- and part-time workers, age 18 or older, were asked to evaluate nine common reasons for staying with a current employer.

Top 10 reasons to work at

Why do your employees stay? This was a question I asked myself time and time again. As a small business owner, I was paranoid. I mean, you spend hours training your team. Getting them to work at optimum capacity.

Top 10 reasons to work at

Producing work that meets your standards. And to think, they can leave you tomorrow for a reason beyond your control. I mustered up all the courage I had and interviewed my team one by one and asked them one question: Why do you enjoy working here? At first, I thought the answers I received were exclusive to me and my business.

But after talking with some entrepreneur friends, I found out that these answers were very much on par with what they discovered too.

5 Reasons Why People Want to Work for You

Below is a list of the 5 most common answers to the question: Why do you work for my small business? Creative Freedom As the founder of a marketing agency, I used to work with some creative people. These are designers or developers or marketers looking to push the envelope in their field.

They want to experiment with the latest tech, and implement it in their work. And the cool thing is, a lot of them are so talented, that they can do it.

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For great employees, the status quo quickly gets stale. These are people who want to try new things. These are people who look forward to those first few precarious months or years in which they get to shape the future of the company.

They get to build the flagship product or service that millions of people will eventually use. What I also discovered is that my employees wanted to stand behind the vision I had for the company.

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They wanted to help bring that vision into the world.10 Really Great Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to Do With How You Look Your mood, your smarts, your performance at work, your cancer risk—regular sweat . Top 10 Reasons to Work for ICE U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protects the United States by promoting homeland security and public safety through the criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade and immigration.

At work, in our communities, and around the world, our people seek to improve quality of life. We attract and reward employees who share our commitment. The other day I went to the farmer's market in Santa Monica and spent some time talking to Jack Bezian of Bezian's Bakery, the home of Los Angeles Sourdough.I say “spent some time” which makes it sound like twenty minutes or so, but the truth is I must have talked to him for a a couple of hours.

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Top 10 Reasons to work at Pumptex Toggle navigation. We are a growth minded company. 9.

Top 10 reasons to work at

We value feedback at every level of the company. 8.

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Every team member at PumpTex is a. unique individual with broad experience. 7. We enjoy the people we work with and our working atmosphere. 6.

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