Wessex ahsn business plan

Business plan Business plan Our business plan was submitted to the water regulator in June following an in-depth customer consultation exercise which involved getting the views of more than 24, customers and 90 organisations such as Which?

Wessex ahsn business plan

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PRIMIS has been instrumental in the development and ongoing management of the PINCER quality improvement tool developing and updating code groups and business rules and providing the information technology to support the work of the pharmacists, general practices and research teams as part of the PINCER intervention.

The PINCER quality improvement tool is used to identify at-risk patients who are being prescribed drugs that are commonly and consistently associated with medication errors so that corrective action can be taken to reduce potential patient harm. It involves running searches on GP computer systems to identify patients at risk from common and important prescribing and drug monitoring errors.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians then work with and support practice staff to implement the action plan. Applying trends from data collected as part of the evaluation of the rollout, it is estimated that over 10, patients have received an active intervention resulting in safer care as a direct benefit of implementing the intervention.

wessex ahsn business plan

The original study conducted by the Universities of Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh involved at-risk patients in 72 general practices who were being prescribed drugs that are commonly and consistently associated with medication errors. The results of the trial published in The Lancet in showed that the PINCER intervention is an effective method for reducing a range of clinically important and commonly made medication errors in primary care.KSS AHSN Annual Review /15 1 Spreading innovation, improving health, promoting economic growth Annual review / 1 2 3 speeds up the spread of existing best practice business plan commitment to spread the principles of Enhanced Recovery across their membership.

The project is supported by Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), which has provided management consultancy to guide the re-design of regional genetics and genomics services, and has contributed £80, to develop the skills base for next generation sequencing in Southampton. a multi-disciplinary team aligned with our new business plan.

2 Trust, Wessex AHSN and Eastern AHSN Headline project plan agreed to commence in /17 Supporting the adoption of evidence into practice Aim to understand the patient experience ‘Diabetes - Business.

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Wessex International Healthcare Consortium promotes and grows the capabilities of Wessex NHS and universities to offer the very best healthcare and health education to the international market. Wessex AHSN will encourage business to business contact between WIHC members and interested overseas businesses, via Healthcare UK.

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wessex ahsn business plan

Wessex is also home to I M’s research and development laboratory; the Ministry of Defences’ Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL); Public Health England; Ordnance Survey Headquarters – all organisations we collaborate with Wessex holds a world leading skills base in animation and technology development for mainstream .

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