What are the basic steps involved in writing a computer program discuss

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What are the basic steps involved in writing a computer program discuss

It takes care of the status of all CICS tasks. This is called multitasking. CICS tries to prioritize the response time to the most important task. As soon as a task begins, it becomes necessary to associate the task with the appropriate application program. Although many tasks may need to use the same application program, CICS loads only one copy of the code into memory.

Each task threads its way through this code independently, so many users can all be running transactions that are concurrently using the same physical copy of an application program.

Storage control acquires, controls, and frees dynamic storage. CICS facilitates servicing of data handling requests from application programs.

CICS provides application programmers a set of commands for dealing with data set and database access and related operations. CICS facilitates management of data integrity by control of simultaneous record updates, protection of data as task ABENDs and protection of data at system failures.

Application Programming Services Application Programming Services interface with application programs. We will be discussing more in detail in upcoming modules.

It provides series of statistical information that can be used for system tuning.

what are the basic steps involved in writing a computer program discuss

Application programs use CICS for communication with remote and local terminals and subsystems. Today, emulation software is available which means that even normal PCs can be used as terminals.

All processing needs to be done by the application program. A screenshot of a Model of CRT monitor is shown below. Each of these character positions is individually addressable.

The display characteristics like intensity, protected, non-protected of the field can be set using BMS which we will be discussing in detail in upcoming modules. When the user types text or numbers using non-aid keys, CICS will not even know if the user is typing anything or not.

A CICS transaction is a collection of logically related programs in an application. The whole application could be logically divided into several transactions.

Transaction identifiers which are 1 to 4 characters long are used to identify the transactions which the users want to do. A programmer links one program to the transaction identifier which is used to invoke all the application programs for that particular transaction.

Task A Task is a unit of work which is specific to a user. Users invoke an application by using one of the transaction identifiers. CICS looks up for the transaction identifier to find out which program to invoke first to do the work requested. It creates a task to do the work, and transfers control to the mentioned program.

A transaction can be completed through several tasks. A task can receive data from and send data to the terminal that started it. It can read and write files and can start other tasks also.

Transaction The difference between a transaction and a task is that several users can invoke a transaction but each user initiates his own task.

LUW states that a piece of work should be done completely or not done at all. We will discuss more about it in upcoming modules. Application An application is a series of logically grouped programs to form several transactions which is used to complete a specific task for the end-user.

Control Programs CICS nucleus is constructed by the control programs and corresponding control tables. It provides unique advantages. It makes the CICS system highly flexible and thus easy to maintain.This course is a training guide for the new manager of an accounts payable department.

It will help you step into your new role and take a commanding and successful lead. By "augmenting human intellect" we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems.

what are the basic steps involved in writing a computer program discuss

Before going on to discuss the five steps of creating a program it is important to determine what exactly a program is.

A program is a list of instructions that contain data for a computer to follow. Different programs are written with different languages. An editing program is made with a different.

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