Write about red soil yunnan

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Write about red soil yunnan

What I would also like to know: Hostels and guesthouses, what are they like? Pre-book or not necessary? I'll probably be arriving at night, will they be easy to find?

Getting around - is it good idea to hire a car or van for getting to the various locations? How much is it generally? Or is it easier to walk or catch the local bus or taxi?

If you can offer anything else, I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much!

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April 14,9: But you will need to get off before at a cross road locallly known as it is where the road branches with the right turn going down to Dongchuan.

It is only a cluster of a few houses on top of a hill. Actually it is best to stay on the bus for another two hundred meters and get off right where the km marker saysit is where the best guesthouse is in the area.

It is run by a local guy who made it by being a most amiable host to all photographers. I was there first when he had only three rooms in his farmhouse which went for Y5 each and local travel was by horse cart driven by his brother.

write about red soil yunnan

His guesthouse went through a few iterations and last time he had standard rooms for up to Y in addition to a number of smaller rooms. His wife will cook, there are no restaurants. Last time I was there the owner also had a minibus which he used to drive people around.

Bus drivers generally know the guest house and will stop there to drop you off. The official time-table of the northern station says there are six busses per day to Fazhe, I do not believe that as only two years ago there was really only one, leaving early in the morning around 7: In Magai you can easily find a minibus to take you up to Around there are quite a number of scenic spots, some are within walking distance, others not.

Some think that sunrise is best from Damakan about 15km along the road to Fazhe, you will need transport for thiswhile others stay more locally. Afternoon is perhaps nicest from a viewpoint down and off the road to Dongchuan, I forgot the name of that place, again, transport is needed.

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Located in Xintian Town, 40km southeast of Kunming, Dongchuan Red Land boasts the most typical and unique red soil on Yunnan red land plateau, which exclaimed to be even more shocking and beautiful than that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With the collar of his red fleece up to protect himself from the frigid wind, Sakaguchi said the asthma his sister contracted in Manzanar led to the pneumonia that would take her life shortly after she left the camp. and the sandy soil is littered with rusty nails where barracks once stood.

The camp was home to about 10, people and.


Dongchuan Red Land, also called Red Soil or Red Earth, is located along the way between Kunming and Hongtudi Town (红土地镇) in Dongchuan District. Dongchuan Red Soil boasts the most typical red soil in Yunnan's highland. Experts regard it as one of the most marvelous red land in the world, comparable with the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Visiting this area, you will be . Story: Yunnan began producing black tea in the ’s, at the instigation of the government, who hoped to develop black tea productions for export.

The region offers ideal geological and weather conditions for growing tea: red, fertile soil, a misty and humid climate, and a constant average daily temperature from 59 to 73°F all year round.

Palais Des Thés: Grand Yunnan Imperial - Chinese Black Tea