Writing a diary entry

Faustina Kowalska Many diaries of notable figures have been published and form an important element of autobiographical literature. Samuel Pepys — is the earliest diarist who is well known today; his diaries, preserved in Magdalene College, Cambridgewere first transcribed and published in Pepys was amongst the first who took the diary beyond mere business transaction notation, into the realm of the personal. Pepys' contemporary John Evelyn also kept a notable diary, and their works are among the most important primary sources for the English Restoration period, and consist of eyewitness accounts of many great events, such as the Great Plague of Londonand the Great Fire of London.

Writing a diary entry

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Truman contributed the full versions of these items to the public domain. They can be found in the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, MO. Except where otherwise noted, the excerpts on this site can also be found writing a diary entry The Private Papers of Harry S.

writing a diary entry

Truman Robert Ferrell, ed. The Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, [I have included some explanatory and contextual comments for the excerpts.

My writing is in brackets and italics, as I have done with this paragraph. President Franklin Roosevelt dies. Vice-President Harry Truman becomes President.

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I knew the President had a great many meetings with Churchill and Stalin. I was not familiar with any of these things and it was really something to think about but I decided the best thing to do was to go home and get as much rest as possible and face the music.

Someday I'll have to tell it. As you know I was Vice-President from Jan. I was at Cabinet meetings and saw Roosevelt once or twice in those months. But he never did talk to me confidentially about the war, or about foreign affairs or what he had in mind for the peace after the war.

Apparently a very detailed plan worked out with the idea of invasion of Japan. Forrestal had seen many Americans killed at the battle of Iwo Jima during his trip there in February He was horrified, and upon returning implored, "We cannot go from Iwo to Iwo.

We must find a formula to gain peace without this frightful bloodshed. Forrestal, on the other hand, feared control of additional occupied territory by Russia. He also hoped that postwar Japan might become a counterweight to Russia in the Far East.

The Navy favored their blockade as the primary means of defeating Japan. A psychological warfare plan, focusing on non-military methods of winning the war, that Forrestal had backed had been largely rejected. That is my hardest decision to date. But I'll make it when I have all the facts.

Truman decided at that meeting to have the Joint Chiefs of Staff go ahead with plans to invade Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four major islands. The planned invasion date was Nov. The first atomic bomb was successfully tested.

That night Truman, who was in Potsdam, Germany at a conference with Churchill and Stalin, received a brief secret notification that the atomic bomb test had "exceeded expectations". I asked him if he had the agenda for the meeting. He said he had and that he had some more questions to present.

I told him to fire away.Carol and I got a letter this afternoon from the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE), a subsidiary of Equifax based in Atlanta.

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