You are my loveprize in viewfinder mangago

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You are my loveprize in viewfinder mangago

I seek to read mature romance mangas and this is perfect combination of everything done just right.

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The story covers controversial topics but if it for mere entertainment and guilty pleasure and you are a bishie lover like me, than no one tops Asami Ryuichi. The main theme of the manga is the romantic development of the relationship between the two main characters.

But they are both ambitious and have striking personalities. Characters Its hard characters are very captivating. Besides that the villain is delicious. Not only that, the side characters are also extremely intruguing. Yamane has done such a great job of making every characters meaningful, giving every character a function and also giving them specific traits and dimensions.

If you dont believe me, you will have to read it and judge for yourself. The bishies are awesome. No one compares to her bishies.

Enjoyment There is an exciting story, there is a relationship developing amongst the two main characters and then there is smut to look forward to which is very hot.

You are my loveprize in viewfinder mangago

Overall What makes this an emazing read is that this manga delivers exceptionally on all accounts. The best romance smut manga So if you enjoy that than this is the top of the charts in that Site title of is Read Manga Online For Free - Mangago World ranking altough the site value is $ IP is on cloudflare-nginx server works with ms speed.

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You are my loveprize in viewfinder mangago

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Takaba Akihito, jeune photographe qui cherche des scoops en prenant des photos de transactions louches, s'est fait repérer par les yakuzas. Ryuichi Asami, l'un des chefs de la mafia, montre beaucoup d'intérêt pour Takaba et ce que ce dernier ne sait pas encore, c'est que cette rencontre va changer sa vie.

Il finit par se faire capturer par Asami et dès lors commence entre eux un jeu du. Jan 30,  · Beste Antwort: Well Heres a list of yaoi mangas that I enjoyed! Hope you liked at least one of them ^^' Prisoner (KAEN) - Rape, guns, All what it Status: Resolved.

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